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Every Guest, Every Time

So, I got to thinking (dangerous, I know) about this whole Sommelier thing… In my journey to potentially becoming a Master Sommelier one day, there is one thing that every Master I’ve ever met has pounded into my thick skull: hospitality

Recipe: Sweet Pea Risotto

Just days before Chef Brian won the Iron Chef Tucson title, he showed us how to create the Sweet Pea Risotto on KGUN9’s The Morning Blend. If you missed it, don’t worry! Chef Brian has shared his recipe for this tasty summer dish for you to enjoy at home! 

Recipe: Cocoa Nib Tuile

Inspired by our Northern France Wine Dinner menu? This delicious three-course menu ends on a sweet note with a Warm Fig Tart accompanied by pistachios, calvados ice cream, and coco nib tuile. Savor this dish at the dinner, and make your own cocoa nib tuile at home with this recipe!

Recipe: Wheat Berry Salad

The new summer menu at Maynards takes local and seasonal food to a new level. Try this fresh salad at home, or just come in and we will do the work for you!

Put A Cork In It

As I was cleaning out my liquor/wine storage, I noticed a case of Domaine Serene (Evenstad Reserve – fabulous, by the way) has an insert that explains their zero-tolerance policy toward any form of cork taint. They use a cork called DSGC (Domaine Serene Guaranteed Cork). This company refunds money for any corked wine of… Read more »

Three Sisters in the Maynards Garden

We’re thrilled to be implementing the traditional “Three Sisters” gardening technique in our very own Maynards Organic Garden & Grove using all seedlings from Native Seeds/SEARCH!

To Oak, or Not to Oak

Winemakers make choices on a daily basis that could affect their end product. Something I’ve been hearing about lately is the material of the tanks used for fermentation and aging. I’m sure each material has its own argument, so let’s see if I can demystify it a little bit…

Recipe: Barrio Heritage Grain Toast 

Get local in your kitchen with Chef Brian’s recipe for the first course of this year’s Agave Heritage Brunch! 

Red, White, and GREEN!

A look at organic, biodynamic, and sustainable winemaking

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Already dreaming of the Dutch Baby Pancake we’re serving for Easter Brunch this April 1st? Make it at home with Executive Chef Brian Smith’s recipe!