Winter Into Spring Wine Tastings

Mar10 wine-tasting

Old World VS New World

Tonight we will sample two whites, two reds and one sparkling wine with the hope of appreciating the different styles of wine making occurring in wines from Europe as opposed to those being made in the new world. Old world wines usually try for a balanced approach, with restrained use of oak aging, and exhibit… Read more »

Mar17 wine-tasting

Delightful Varietal Blends

This week I will present some wines that are blends of two or more grapes. Some regions feature single varietals, while others feel blending offers wine makers the opportunity to create something special from the combination of different grapes. Over time certain pairings have been found to produce excellent results.

Apr7 wine-tasting

California Value Wines

This week I thought I’d open some interesting wines from California, that I think represent great values. California produces more than 90% of the wine made in the U.S. Sometimes in filling the market with wines from all over the world, I have to remind myself that the wine scene in California is always changing… Read more »


Fabulous Values From France

France is famous for some of the most expensive and prized wines in the world. Names like La Tache, and Chateaux Petrus are legendary. However there is another side to French wine, where quality wines can be found at very reasonable prices.

May5 wine-tasting

Ravishing Rose

Rose wines have been associated with a sweet blush wine called white Zinfandel for most Americans, or a couple Portuguese wines named Mateus and Lancers. However French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese winemakers have been producing delicious mostly drier styles of blush wines for a long time.   These exhibit great berry characteristics, nice acidity and are… Read more »

May19 wine-tasting

Spring Whites

Spring time in Tucson. It’s like mid-summer in most other places. The heat is upon us, and for me it’s time to sip some cold, crisp, dry, refreshing white wine. Here are some of my favorite warm weather whites. I hope you enjoy them.