Rose for May | Summer Wine Tour

Yes way, rosé! 


Jazz Late Night with Mesquite

Enjoy live music by jazz group Mesquite on Friday, May 25th on the patio at Maynards!


California Cabs | Summer Wine Tour

I attended a lecture about California wine, and the speaker reminded the crowd that less than 5% of wine production in California happens in Napa Valley. Step outside the box!


Oregon Pinots | Summer Wine Tour

Oregon is famous for great Pinot Noir, and it is getting increasingly difficult to find good values.


Jazz After Party with Mesquite

Enjoy live jazz music under the stars by Mesquite on Friday, June 8th on Maynards patio!


Obscure Reds | Maynards Summer Wine Tour

Macedonian Pinot Noir? Who’da thunk it? Try something new!


Northern France Wine Dinner | Summer Wine Tour

Finally, I get to match wines with Executive Chef Brian’s food!


Southern France | Summer Wine Tour

Some of the lesser known (therefore less expensive) areas of France produce some world class wines within all of our budgets. 


Sauvignon Blanc | Summer Wine Tour

It’s a great time of year for crisp, clean, and easy drinking Sauvignon Blancs from all over.


Northern Spain | Summer Wine Tour

Galicia? Yep. Rias Biaxas? Yep. How about Mencia? Verdejo? A bunch of great and affordable wines here, as well as some standards like Tempranillo. 


Southern Spain Wine Dinner | Summer Wine Tour

Wines of southern Spain are similar varietals found in the north, but they develop their own character because of the different climate. It’ll be exciting to see what Chef Brian has in store for us all and how the wines will play a part in that!


Eastern Europe | Summer Wine Tour

Croatia? Of course! It’s the supposed birthplace of the original Zinfandel clone. Austria? Sure! Some of the best Gruner Veltliners I’ve ever had. Slovenia? It borders Northeast Italy and has fabulous Pinot Grigio and Bordeaux style blends!


Chile | Summer Wine Tour

It isn’t just the Maipo Valley anymore. A lot of great winemaking is going on here. Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay… It’s interesting to see how coastal and mountain climates come into play here.


Northern Italy | Summer Wine Tour

Barolo? Sure, it’s there. It’s just not very affordable. How about Dolcetto d Alba? Asti? Tramin? Suditrol?  There are a lot of great wines and values to explore here!


Southern Italy Wine Dinner | Summer Wine Tour

What’s your first thought when you think Italy? Food and wine I hope! Southern Italy has some islands that are sometimes forgotten about. Puglia? Great Primitivos to be had! And the food? We’ll leave that to Chef Brian.


Mexico | Summer Wine Tour

Valle de Guadalupe is the first to come to mind! I’ve tried some great Cabernets and am looking forward to sharing interesting Mexican wines with you!


Washington | Summer Wine Tour

Unbelievable reds (Cab, Merlot, Syrah) come from Washington, as well as Chardonnay and more. As it gains notoriety, it becomes more difficult to find good values. We’ll take a good look as we inch toward harvest time here!


Arizona Wine Dinner | Summer Wine Tour

It’s always fun to showcase local farms of food and wine. Lots of amazing things come from just outside our back door!