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Tucson Takes Over Parma, Part II

Below are the latest photos from Executive Chef Brian Smith in Parma, Italy for Gola Gola Festival! Check out this La Republica Parma article featuring Brian and seven other chefs from a UNESCO city of gastronomy at this culinary mash-up dinner event!

Cantaloupe Gazpacho Recipe

Summer is among us and Executive Chef Brian Smith has a delicious treat to help you beat the heat! Stop into Maynards Market and Kitchen and try our new chilled soup! This refreshing cantaloupe gazpacho is just the trick to cool down during a hot Tucson day. Want to try making this soup at home? Here… Read more »

Secret Grapes

There are over a thousand different grape varieties and more being created all the time. I thought it would be fun to talk about a few that many people probably haven’t heard of. Let’s start with a grape called Zweigelt. Commonly found in Austria, this grape is known for having a rich tart candied red… Read more »

Tucson Takes Over Parma, Italy

Maynards Executive Chef Brian Smith is representing Tucson in sister City of Gastronomy, Parma, Italy during their annual Gola Gola Festival! He is creating an arroz con leche dish for the dessert course of an exclusive dinner during the festival. The dish showcases Sonoran ingredients such as Bacanora-soaked dates, Prickly Pear foam and White Sonoran Wheat Berries. Chef… Read more »

Country Wines On The Rise

Vin de Pays d’Oc is a classification of wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France’s western Mediterranean Coast. With more than 700,000 acres of vineyard land, it is thought to be the largest wine-producing area in the world. For many years this region produced mostly ordinary, unremarkable wines. However in the 1980s a dramatic improvement… Read more »

Just Go Local!

If you are the kind of person who values buying local food, perhaps you should also consider buying local wine. One of the most commonly repeated mantras in food and wine pairing is, “What grows together, goes together”. During my long career in the restaurant business, I grew interested in the slow food movement that… Read more »

Open The Book To Great Recipes

This weekend Tucson celebrates our love for literature at the annual Festival of Books. One of the many features of this festival is cooking demonstration from Maynards Market & Kitchen’s Executive Chef Brian Smith. Teaming with Arizona Highways’ editor Kelly Vaughn, Chef Brian unveils the Maynards recipes highlighted in the Arizona’s Best Recipes cookbook. Make… Read more »

Spain In A Wine Glass

Rioja has been considered Spain’s preeminent wine region for more than a century. There are more than 123,000 acres of vineyards on both sides of the Ebro River, in the remote interior of northern Spain. Rioja is often referred to as Spain’s Bordeaux. Wines have been aged in oak barrels since the 1700s. In the… Read more »

It’s Getting Hot In Here

Climate change is a topic which it seems is already affecting all of us, with 2016 going down as the hottest year since recording weather began in 1880. Wine makers in California are trying to find ways to adapt to the changes in weather. Droughts have been an issue for years, and warmer nights are… Read more »

Wine and Cinema…a beautiful friendship

Happy New Year to all my blog readers! I thought I’d talk about Wine in Cinema this month. There are a lot of fun movies that either have wine as the backdrop to a story or make it the focus of the film. Year of the Comet (1992) A romantic comedy adventure film about the… Read more »