Zinfandels By Any Other Name

Zinfandel has been considered by many to be an American varietal, however both Zinfandel and Primitivo (commonly grown in Puglia and Sicily) derive from the same grape, known as Crljenak Kastelanski (how’s that for a mouthful?!) from Croatia.


Christmas Eve Dinner

  Bring the family and enjoy holiday specials at Maynards this Christmas Eve!


Holiday Sparklers

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine is a time-honored and festive way to toast a special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or, of course, a New Year, popping open a bottle of bubbly is a fun and easy way to get the party started.


New Year’s Eve VIP Experience

Ring in the new year with an exclusive VIP experience at Maynards Market & Kitchen!


New Year’s Eve Dinner Celebration

       Celebrate New Year’s Eve with delicious specials at Maynards Kitchen! We’re serving NYE specials in addition to our menu favorites of 2017!